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Angiotrans transducer manifold

The Angiotrans transducer manifold is a combination of the proven Combitrans microship technology (disposable pressure transducer) and the Angiodyn half body manifold. Compared to a traditional system Angiotrans provides a higher frequency, a more responsive system with improved waveform fidelity and less artifacts. The Angiotrans transducer manifold is 100% performance tested and can be also included in your customized procedure pack from B. Braun.


  • Easier and time saving set up
  • Closer positioning of the pressure sensor to the signal source
  • Better signal response due to the closer sensor position
  • Minimized fluid volumes
  • No additional monitoring lines and domes necessary
  • Fewer connections reduce potential of air bubble entrapment and unnoticed disconnections


Product range Angiotrans

  • 2-port or 3-port manifolds
  • Half-body design
  • On or Off version
  • Pressure resistance 35bar (500psi), green handles
  • Rotating adaptors where the customers wants them to be


Angiodyn half body manifold

  • Smoothly turning handles for one hand operation
  • Smooth continuous lumen
  • Transparent housing for visual control
  • Luer lock fitting male/female

Combitrans integrated transducer

  • Compact and 100% tested unit for excellent pressure transmission
  • Modern chip technology for an accurate registration of values
  • Precalibrated sensor with constant electrical parameters
  • Optimized fluid channel, for easy filling without air bubbles