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Combitrans disposable transducer for the continuous measurement of physiological pressure

Disposable transducer for the continuous measurement of physiological pressure and determination of other important haemodynamic parameters.


Combitrans product range

  • Combitrans single sterile transducer
  • Combitrans single pressure monitoring kits
  • Combitrans multiple pressure monitoring kits
  • Exadyn monitoring kits for arterial / venous measurement
  • Heamofix monitoring kits for closed blood sampling

Solutions for customized kits 


Create your Combitrans monitoring kit! Individual and user friendly solutions are combined with economical and ecological advantages.


Quality and confidence 


Certified quality assurance systems and a fully automatised manufacturing resulting in high quality, safety and reliability.



  • Compact and 100% tested units for excellent pressure transmission
  • Modern chip technology for an accurate registration of values
  • Precalibrated sensor with constant electrical parameters
  • Optimized fluid channel for easy air-bubble free filling


  • Flush device: Continuous flush rate of 3ml/h at 300 mmHg. Quick flush rate of > 2ml/s.
  • Transparent housing for easy visual surveillance. Additional safety established via the right angle test.
  • Discofix®-3: Three-way stopcock Off/On version. Colour coded.
  • Combidyn pressure tubing lines: Optimised for pressure measurement. Colour coded.