Arterial Catheter Kits

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Arteriofix and Arteriofix V for invasive monitoring of blood pressure and blood sampling using the Seldinger technique


Arterial catheter set for invasive blood pressure measurement and blood collection using the Seldinger technique.

Stainless steel introducer cannula

  • Stepless approach for easy insertion of the guide wire
  • Matched to the guide wire, catheter diameter and puncture site
  • Luer lock connector

Stainless steel guide wire

  • Flexible tip
  • Matched to the respective inner diameter of the catheter

Catheter made of FEP

  • Resistant to blood and tissue
  • Shaped tip for easy insertion
  • Fixing wings
  • Color-coded Luer Lock attachments

Arteriofix V

This new version of the Arteriofix convinces with new functions and proven components.

The Arteriofix V catheter for pressure transmission offers a new valve that opens automatically during connection with pressure hoses and closes during disconnection. Due to its high tightness, blood backflow is prevented, and handling is made easier.

The soft fixing wings made of PUR adapt to the skin. The three seam holes make it easier to fix. The integrated kink protection in the transition from the wing to the capillary ensures stability. The new 7 cm long PUR connection tube offers a greater distance between the puncture and connection point. This creates strain relief at the puncture site during the connection.

The FEP capillary has good technical and physical material properties. It is blood and tissue resistant. The molded tip enables easy insertion and the FEP catheter has good sliding properties.

The insertion cannula is made of stainless steel and has a Luer lock connection. The stepless approach enables easy insertion of the guide wire.

The insertion cannula is tailored to the guide wire and catheter diameter, which ensures minimal trauma at the puncture site.

The stainless-steel guide wire is equipped with a flexible tip and is matched to the respective inner diameter of the catheter.