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Intestinal Clips and Applier / Removal Forceps

Particularly for laparoscopic Bulldog Clips, easy and rapid clip removal is of the utmost importance. In partial nephrectomy, for instance, the blood supply to the entire kidney is interrupted during the resection procedure. In order to avoid damage to the kidney, the period of ischaemia should be kept as short as possible. For this reason, easy handling of the Bulldog Clips is extremely important.

Advantages of Bulldog Clips over laparoscopic clamps:

  • The throw-off Bulldog Clip does not block any trocar access during application, since the application forceps can be withdrawn after the clip has been applied.
  • The occluded vessel or organ can be brought into a favourable position for the relevant stage of the operation. This reduces the risk of trauma.

Special features of AESCULAPĀ® Bulldog Clips:

  • Easy clip application and removal
  • Large portfolio with eight Bulldog Clips and one intestinal clip
  • The Bulldog Clips are available as venousclips (reduced closing force) and arterial clips, as required
  • The defined closing force is marked on each clip
  • Bulldog Clips are provided with atraumatic De BAKEY serrations
  • Choice of application and removal forceps for either straight or angled clip application