SLR-Retractor System

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Subcutaneous lumbar retractor

SLR is a subcutaneous lumbar retractor system and the blades are made of titanium. This system protects the tissue and reduces the skin incision.

Side-loading attachment
This special design enables the connection of the retractor to the already inserted and hand held blades in a side-loading manner. The retractor arms are set under the handles (with fixes the blades into place) by spreading of the retractor.

The side-loading design is 100% compatible to the already existing B. Braun Aesculap ball-snap closure. It can be used and interchanged in all combinations.


Tissue Protection

  • Subcutaneous placement minimal skin stretching
  • Atraumatic retraction no injury of muscle tissue
  • Reduced haematomes and reduced postoperative wound pain

Smaller Skin Incision

  • Reduced operative trauma
  • Less postoperative wound pain

Secure Anchorage

  • Attachment to the transverse process or to the lateral part of the sacrum
  • No intra-operative re-adjust-ment or re-positioning necessary

Manufactured from Titanium

  • Semi-radiolucent to X-ray
  • Light weight
  • Color-coded


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