Noir® Dissecting Scissors

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Gentle dissection with little use of force

The combination of the renowned Aesculap tungsten carbide technology and the Aesculap Noir® coating results in an excellent wear resistance for very fine and secure dissection.  


  • Noir® coating – extremely hard surface for high wear and tear resistance
  • Non-reflecting - absorption of OR-light
  • Microtome edge – especially sharp for smooth cutting with little force
  • Wavecut – prevents slipping of tissue


  • All scissors with tungsten carbide inserts and Noir® coating
  • Different designs – Metzenbaum, Baby-Metzenbaum, Tönnis-Adson, Mayo, Nelson- Metzenbaum, Lexer
  • Models available with and without wavecut
  • Some models with especially fine tip


Noir® Dissecting Scissors are available in different lengths from 110 mm to 350 mm total length.