Hernia Balloon Herloon

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Trocar system for the TEP Technique

The Herloon System consists of a reusable Trocar Body including a blunt trocar pin as well as a single-use balloon shaft with a distal balloon and a single-use hand-pump.


  • Dilated transparent balloon allows clear view of body structures.
  • Elastic balloon material, allowing dilatation and adaption to body structures.
  • Adaption of the balloon shaft to the reusable trocar body by engaging and securing with a retention ring
  • Cost-effective system¬†


  • Balloon System for extraperitoneal¬†hernia surgery
  • System is based on a silicon flap valve
  • Dissection of peritoneum and abdominal wall is done by a balloon


  • Hernia surgery
  • Retroperitoneal access in endoscopic urology