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For transperitoneal and retroperitoneal access to the aorta

Additional and auxiliary instruments have an important part to play alongside specialised basic instrumentation in minimally invasive vascular surgery.
For example, one particular problem in videoendoscopic vascular surgery was caused at first by using conventional vascular clamps which were too weak to close the aorta. The jointly designed clamps can be used for both transperitoneal and retroperitoneal access to the aorta.

Product Features

  • atraumatic toothing
  • wide range of instruments with bended or straight shaft
  • special locking machanism
  • non-modular construction for improved force transfer
  • rinsing port for cleaning
  • instruments for transperitonal and retroperitoneal approach suitable
  • instruments can be used directly transcutaneously

Your Benefit

  • maximum closing force
  • no accidental opening of the clamp
  • anatomical shaped instrument for unhindered working