AdTec® monopolar

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Laparoscopic, monopolar, reusable instruments

For years, Aesculap® has been actively involved in the development of laparoscopic techniques in the instruments sector, introducing products such as AdTec® single use, AdTec® needle holders as well as the Multi-Fire Clip Applier Challenger® Ti-P. Here, great value has always been placed on quality, user friendliness, efficiency and customer satisfaction. In addition, Aesculap® offers a comprehensive package of services ranging from planning and consultancy, instrument screening as well as training and qualification up to instrument repair. When do you convince yourself about the reusable monopolar instrument line?


  • Universal: modular design consisting of four components, facilitating the disassembly, reprocessing, maintenance and sterile supply
  • „One-Click“ design: 
    • assembly and disassembly in one step only
    • easier handling
  • PEEK Isolation:
    • Enhanced spark protection and resisting characteristic
    • Wear-resistant and sterilization-proof
  • Ratchet mechanism: 
    • ratchet can be deactivated
    • easier handling
  • Jaw mechanism: 
    • non-protruding joints during opening and closure of jaw parts (for the majority of instruments)
    • lower risk that tissue or suture material gets caught in the jaw mechanism (for the majority of instruments)
  • Cleaning/ sterilization: sterilization of the assembled instrument possible
  • Economical price performance ratio: profitable use of financial resources due to modular design