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Laparoscopic, bipolar, reusable instruments

The bipolar instrument portfolio was created through the use of ceramic, steel and plastic materials - and the reasonable combination of these components with established manufacturing technologies.
When do you convince yourself about the reusable bipolar instrument line?


  • Reliability:
    • Good coagulation results.
    • Precise grasping and dissection of tissue.
    • Reduced risk of “slipping effect” when grasping and dissecting due to jaw profile.
    • Good cutting properties[1]
  • Universal: modular design consisting of four components, facilitating the disassembly, reprocessing, maintenance and sterile supply.
  • Transmission: easier force adjustment through mechanical force transmission from the jaw part to the handle.
  • Economical price performance ratio: profitable use of financial resources due to modular design.

[1] According to feedback within the scope of a survey of 76 surgeons that use monopolar or bipolar AdTec instruments. The respective survey was conducted by Aesculap.