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Changes in B. Braun SE Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of the international medical technology and pharmaceutical company B. Braun has been reconstituted.

The Supervisory Board of the international medical technology and pharmaceutical company B. Braun has been reconstituted. In today's session, four new shareholder representatives were appointed to the B. Braun SE Supervisory Board, following last week's election of the company's employee representatives at the Assembly of Delegates. The newly composed Supervisory Board resumed its work in today's inaugural session.

Professor Braun, who has held the office of Chairman of the Supervisory Board since 2011, has resigned from the Supervisory Board of B. Braun SE as of today. Peter Hohmann, long-time Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board, has also resigned due to retirement. Prof. Dr. Thomas Rödder, Partner of the law firm Flick Gocke Schaumburg, Bonn, was elected to succeed Professor Braun as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and the new Vice Chair is Alexandra Friedrich, Chair of the Works Council and Chair of the General Works Council of B. Braun Melsungen AG.

Alongside Professor Braun and Peter Hohmann, other long-time members, including both shareholder and employee representatives, resigned and have been succeeded by the new members.

Under the leadership of Professor Braun, the Supervisory Board’s work was characterized by constructive relationships between the shareholder and employee representatives. This made it possible for fundamental steps to be taken to ensure the future of the company. These included common decisions on significant investments in new technologies and locations in order to facilitate growth from the company’s own resources as well as to develop sustainably. Large investment programs were put into place in Germany, Malaysia and the United States that increased the capacity and competitiveness of the business operations in those countries. Also of note are the site continuation agreements with which employers and employees jointly secured long-term employment in Melsungen and Tuttlingen in Germany as well as in other locations—the most recent agreements having been concluded in the 2020 fiscal year. The transition of the position of Chair of the Management Board to the next generation of the family was also successfully managed. 

“We're enormously thankful to the departing Supervisory Board members for the valuable years they have spent supervising and developing our company. They have all played a decisive role in shaping B. Braun and laying the foundation for the company's continued success in the next decade. Over all those years, cooperation between the Management Board and the Supervisory Board has been unequivocally constructive and fair. We're extremely pleased to continue this trusting cooperation with the new Supervisory Board under the leadership of Professor Rödder and to work together to shape the future of B. Braun,” said Anna Maria Braun, CEO of B. Braun SE.


B. Braun changed the legal structure of the Group in the 2019 fiscal year. B. Braun SE was made the parent company of B. Braun Melsungen AG and has since functioned as a holding company for operational management.

Part of this adjustment was the transfer of the governing bodies and central services of B. Braun Melsungen AG to B. Braun SE. This new Group structure has given B. Braun a solid basis for continued growth as a family-owned company. The Braun family has made a long-term commitment to achieving this goal.

The Supervisory Board of B. Braun SE has 16 members. It appoints, supervises and advises the Management Board of B. Braun SE, and is directly involved in all fundamental decisions concerning the company. The Chair of the Supervisory Board coordinates the work of the Supervisory Board.