B. Braun Asia Pacific History

More than 40 years and still expanding

A brief timeline of historical milestones of B. Braun in Asia Pacific:

1972 - Start of business operations in Asia with the first production facility in Penang, Malaysia.

1980 - Sales organization established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1982 - Founding of B. Braun Australia in Sydney.

1984 - Incorporation of B. Braun India in Goa as Sabindia Plastics Private Limited. 

1985 - Incorporation of B. Braun Philippines in Manila.

1986 - Founding of the first Japanese subsidiary in Tokyo.

1987 -  B. Braun's first subsidiary in Singapore was incorporated. Operations in a factory began in Tochigi too.

1989 - Incorporation of B. Braun subsidiaries in Bangkok, Thailand and Taipei City, Taiwan.

1990 - Founding of B. Braun's first subsidiary in Jakarta, Indonesia as well as establishment of the B. Braun business in Seoul, Korea.

1995 - B. Braun established its sales office in Karachi, Pakistan.

1992 - Establishment of the first B. Braun Representative office in Ho Chi Minh City.

1993 - B. Braun representative office is established and extended to Hanoi.

1995 - B. Braun established its sales office in Karachi, Pakistan.

1997 - B. Braun established its first factory in Hanoi, Vietnam.

1999 - B. Braun set up a subsidiary in Shanghai, China. 

2002 - B. Braun Phillippines founded a renal care services in 2002 in Manila.

2004 - A factory in Suzhou, China was built.

2006 - B. Braun New Zealand was founded in Auckland.

2010 -  Establishment of a sales subsidiary in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

2011 - An additional factory is extended in Hanoi, Vietnam marking two factories in Vietnam.  In India, Oyster Medisafe (India) Ltd. and Ahlcon Parenterals (India) Ltd were acquired in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

2014 - B. Braun acquired and established a joint venture in Shandong China.

2017 - B. Braun's latest new pharmaceutical factory is launched in Karawang, Indonesia.